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The main feature of the device, that closes back the pores, sealing inside the active ingredients of the skincare products. Promotes “vasoconstriction”, which helps to better drain toxins from the skin, leaving the complexion with a youthful, glowing appearance.
Before any main treatment, use HEAT therapy to open the pores and to enhance the blood circulation. This prepares the skin to efficiently receive the nutrients from the skincare products, as well as cleaning it deeper than usual.
Use light to access the photon receptors within the skin, simply REMINDING the skin what it needs to do. The device incorporates a wide range of therapy colours, making it a treatment for a variety of skin conditions.
Gently massaging the area allows the muscles to expand and to grow, until eventually they start pushing the skin up from the inside. Also provides help with lymphatic drainage and better blood circulation.
Cryotherapy is a non-invasive, natural treatment, delivered only by using low temperature. It provokes the so-called process of “vasoconstriction”, which essentially means that the blood will retract from your blood vessels, as they shrink to better protect the tissue. It is a part of the “fight or flight” response, a natural reaction of our body. By lowering down the temperature in the skin, the cells metabolism slow down as well, preventing them from completing the altering  process, the cause of ageing. By doings so, it aids in detoxifying the skin, helping with the lymphatic drainage. When the treatment is complete, a process called “vasodilation” starts taking place. This bring in more blood and thus, more oxygen into the tissue, rejuvenating them and relaxing the muscles.
using this feature before the cryo-treatment, it will be easier for the pores to open faster and thus, making the cleaning process a lot more effective. It also promotes the so-called vasodilation process, which brings in more oxygen to the tissue, relaxes the muscles, preparing them for the cryotherapy treatment. It will also help with broken capillaries, as it relaxes the blood vessels and makes it easier for the blood to be drained afterwards.
Doctors recommend us to stay in the sun for at least 10 minutes a day. We have our own photon receptors inside our skin, and when accessed, can simply remind our own body to produce more elastin and keratin, as well as to repair the collagen matrix and to heal our skin faster. The device does exactly that: it reaches those receptors by simply imitating the sun, a natural process that frequently happens in nature.

Massage has been in the beauty world for a long time already. Because of that, people tend to forget its many benefits, such as exercising the muscle, allowing it to expand and to grow, until it will eventually start pushing the skin up from the inside, helping the lymphatic system to better drain toxins and fat, relieving the blood pressure, helping with migraines and the list goes on.

Here at Cryocen, we use ION negative electric field, to better extract the impurities deep from within the skin. The principle is “opposites attract”. Simply put, the electric field attracts the impurities and the bacteria from the skin, like a vacuum, given that they are positively charged. This type of therapy is used before main treatments, to prepare the skin and to clean it, or on its own, simply to give a clearer aspect of the complexion and a fresh look. This treatment is a key feature of the THERMIEYE device.
Steaming the skin is an ancient method for well-being, as more and more historical sources confirm that Egyptians used it to aid with migraines, relieve stress and moisturize the skin. Regularly applying steam to the skin is a truly beneficial beauty treatment, as it increases circulation of the blood, by inducing a thermoregulating response. In addition to letting off heat, blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to tissue. While pores do not really “open and close” – they have no muscles around the pore opening to accomplish this feat – facial steam does increase perspiration, and this has a cleansing effect on skin, preparing it to receive the main treatment. Perspiration is about 99 percent water, according to the Department of Physiology at Indiana University’s Medical school. When perspiration flows from the skin, it lifts dirt, dead skin cells and other debris that may be trapped in pores to the surface of the skin, where it can easily be removed.
Infrared light is the invisible light on the solar spectrum. While it has the same effect on the skin as red light therapy has, the infrared light therapy penetrates deeper (700 – 1200 nm), delivering pure energy to the cells, rejuvenating them, stimulating healing and relieving pain. Because of the big wavelength, infrared light reaches the soft tissues, muscles and even bones, making it suitable for regenerating damaged nerves, severed spinal cords and even helping in the recovery after heart attacks or strokes. Infrared therapies are already FDA approved and is available, for now, in-home for the relieve of chronic pain.

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