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A great help in the beauty sector, STEAM is mostly used before any main treatments to help clean the skin better and to prepare it for the main treatment. Because it balances the moisture level in the skin instantly, it can be used anytime, anywhere, either as a preparing treatment, either on its own.

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Before any treatment, it is recommended to clean the area. When it comes to beauty, anti-ageing, anti-bacterial or anti-pigmentation treatments, there is nothing different.

A normal face-wash only cleans the surface of the skin, leaving the pores still blocked, and the toxins still inside it.

Steaming the skin before a gentle exfoliating treatment softens the pores, making it easier and more effective for the exfoliators to get out the bacteria and impurities, leaving the skin clean, refreshed and ready to receive the nutrients from the main products of the anti-ageing, anti-bacterial or anti-pigmentation treatments.

While it cleans the skin, steaming it also promotes a normal level of moisture inside it. So, it is recommended to use it even after putting on make-up, in the middle of the day, in the evening, or whenever you need it.

Wherever you are, outside in the dry air, cold office or your hot car, your skin might get dry or sensitive as well, so a boost of moisture is more than welcome.

The mini-facial steamer is easy to carry around, has an in-built battery, and a water tank where you can put a mixture of your favourite perfume, toners or essential oils, as long as the water percentage is not smaller than 80%. It can be used for face, body and hair as well.

Using it on the hair, it prevents electrostatic frizz.

Using it on sensitive skin, it helps calming it down.

Using it on the body, it provides a relaxing feeling and helps cool down body temperature during hot summers. It’s especially good with general sun burns, as it restores the normal level of moisture and it calms it down fast.

Using it on the face, letting aside the fact that it moisturises and cleans the skin, it also helps with reducing the fine lines of expression (as it makes the skin more elastic) and aids in reducing puffiness.

One session of 60 seconds will restore a normal level of moisture in the skin, that will last 24 hours.


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